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Trauma and Grief Therapy

July 26 2015


Shock of Losing a Loved One

The sudden loss of a loved one, whether it’s through an accident, divorce or break up,  can be devastating to both children and adults. The suddenness of the tragedy can overwhelm an individual and put them into a state of “shock.”


Trauma can affect different people in different ways.  For some, it will impact their relationships, professional lives and mental well-being for years after the event itself.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), displays the psychological effects of trauma for some individuals, but there are other trauma survivors whose symptoms do not fit underneath the PTSD umbrella.  Included in this group are those who have experienced traumatic events throughout their lives and those who have experienced early childhood trauma.

Brain development starts after conception and continues well into adolescence and the early twenties.  The question that follows, then, is: how does trauma influence brain development?  If a person experiences trauma during critical periods of development, how will his/her psyche be affected? Please refer to the site below for more information about how trauma influences brain development from early childhood well into adulthood.

For additional information on Trauma, please read Dr. Bruce D. Perry’s article on Traumatized Children: How Childhood Trauma Influences Brain Development


Grief is the state of emotions we feel following a loss, whatever that loss may be.  While it is a normal human process, a subgroup of people experiencing normal grief find themselves in a clinically depressed state. Grief can also cause such symptoms as exhaustion and days of distraction, where even the simplest tasks seem challenging or impossible to achieve.


Through therapy you won’t have to suffer alone. Trauma and grief therapy will provide you with a safe and supportive environment that will help contain your pain and assist in processing your thoughts and feelings surrounding your grief. While this is a vulnerable journey, growth can occur once acceptance has begun.