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Self-Esteem Improvement

July 26 2015


Low self-esteem can have a painful and damaging effect on a person’s life. Self-esteem, by definition, is “confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.” In other words, “How do you view yourself and what is your overall opinion of yourself?”  Is it good?  bad?  moderate?    If you answered the question with anything other than “good,” then you may  want to consider seeking therapy for self-esteem improvement.  Most individuals have mixed feelings about themselves when it comes to a certain task and goals, but they should never feel as though they have no true worth or that they are inadequate or inferior.

Low self-esteem is usually derived from “anxiousness” or “anxious predictions about the future.”  These predictions can affect your behavior by leading you to avoid attainable tasks and goals.  For example, saying you’re not good enough to date a certain individual may lead to you passing up on the opportunity to speak to that certain individual.

I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is an ideal approach for self-esteem improvement and tackling low self-esteem issues, because it provides a clear framework for understanding how the problem developed and what keeps it going.