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Post-Divorce/Break-up Recovery

July 26 2015


The end of a marriage or any long-term committed relationship can be an extremely stressful time for both partners, even for the partner who chooses to leave. With children and other family members involved this transition can be even more difficult and stressful.

While time heals all wounds, therapy sessions focusing on post divorce / break-up recovery will assist in making the process less painful.  The neutral perspective of a licensed therapist will allow you to:

  • Have more clarity about the relationship by clearly defining the mistakes each party has made;
  • process your loss; and
  • learn to take responsibility before moving on.

Divorce recovery aims to help recently divorced individuals and their children learn to cope with their new situation.  There are pre- and post-divorce counseling techniques that can help individuals navigate through the painful process.

Pre-Divorce Counseling

This type of counseling teaches both couples to communicate effectively during the process. In the event there are children in the family, a healthy divorce is vital. Pre-divorce counseling can assist with parenting issues related to divorce and provide a forum for how to best tell your children about your impending divorce.

Post-Divorce Counseling

No matter the reason, the break-up of a committed relationship can trigger some profound emotions such as, sadness, stress and grief. Life after divorce can feel overwhelming, and for many the uncertainty about the future can sometimes seem worse than the unhappy relationship itself.

Divorce recovery is a grieving process with stages and steps that need to be acknowledged. It is important you allow yourself time to fully grieve the loss of the relationship, the companionship, the support, and any future plans you had together. This process is not meant to be accomplished alone – friends, family, support groups or a professional divorce counselor are important in the divorce recovery process.