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Family Therapy

July 26 2015


Family therapy encompasses many aspects of psychotherapy, but it’s important to first understand why family’s need a “family therapist.”  A family is a unique social system, as it has it’s own structure and communication pattern. The variables within this structure guide the family and when one of these variables is damaged, the whole foundation, as a whole, become unstable.

Usually when a family meets with a therapist, it’s because there is a breakdown in the structure of the family.  There are many variables that go into this statement, but a few examples include: a medical issue to a family member, the family has faced or is facing a traumatic experience, substance abuse by a family member, marital problems between parents, mental illness of a family member, occupational problems and kids/teenage rebellion.

How can FAMILY Therapy help?

The main goal of family therapy would be to 1) identify the conflict and 2) help develop a strategy to resolve them.  Farazian Therapy specializes in:

  • Recent changes or stressful events (separation, divorce)
  • Single parent with little support
  • Co-parenting and blended family struggles
  • Untimely loss or change

The main role of the therapist should be to assist the family members understand issues surrounding them and strengthen the broken bond.  The focus during sessions will be to strengthen the bond of the family as a whole, and not one particular member; this is done so the family may attack the problem together as a team.  We will explore family roles, rules and behavior patterns and take the necessary steps to heal emotional wounds. All family members should take responsibility for problems and some may need to change their behavior more than others.